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Women commonly experience lacerations, tears and episiotomies with a vaginal delivery. The repair of this trauma is frequently limited by the generalized trauma to the vaginal and vulvar structures during the labor and delivery process but also by the skill of the provider performing the repairs. The Laser Vaginal Rejuventation Institute of Philadelphia has treated many patients that were unhappy with the results of their repair done at the time of their delivery. Many of these repairs or the lacerations themselves, left patients disfigured. Laser vaginoplasty can help restore normal anatomy. Some women experience pain or painful intercourse because of the scar tissue or from these lacerations, their repair or the disfigurement that results. Dr. DeBrakeleer’s sub-specialty certification in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery makes him uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat these problems.

Cosmetic gynecology is one of the fastest growing segments of cosmetic surgery. As a result, there are more patients getting these procedures and more doctors performing them. Unfortunately, not all surgeons have extensive experience, training or board certification in these procedures and we have seen an increase in women not having satisfactory results. With Dr. DeBrakeleer’s experience, training, and sub-specialty board certification he can evaluate and repair these “botched” procedures.

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Dr. DeBrakeleer
Doctor Donald De Brakeleer
- Board Certified
- ACOG Fellow
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